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Here we are some interesting summary news and opinion between 49ers, NY Giants and Football on the web for today. On this day in 1991, Matt Bahr’s field goal with no time left gave the Giants a 15-13 victory over the 49ers in the NFC title game.

The San Francisco 49ers may not beat the Giants in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, but regardless of the result, Vernon Davis will be celebrating.

“We all have our fingers crossed and our hearts on our sleeves in solidarity with Niners fans everywhere that this will indeed be more than just an after-party for the NFC Championship Game but also a Super Bowl pre-party,” Manor West said on its website. “If the football gods are not on our side this weekend, we will still remain proud, determined and hopeful for the seasons ahead.”

Giants, the most comprehensive team? [more] In the last four games the Giants are averaging 122 rushing yards a game. That is a dramatic turn of events considering that during the regular season the Giants averaged a pathetic 89.2 yards a game, which ranked them dead last in the league.

The New York Giants [more] have always been one of the classiest franchises in football. So, if the Giants do end up winning their second Super Bowl in five seasons, the powers that be should honor the one guy outside the organization who’s made it all possible: Andrew Walter Reid.  That’s right.

The one element 49ers quarterback Alex Smith [more…] has yearned for his entire NFL career is the one he has never had — stability.  When he threw a 14-yard touchdown pass to Vernon Davis with seven seconds left in last week’s breathtaking 36-32 win over the Saints, Smith, 27, had finally lived up to the expectations that accompany a No. 1 pick.

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