The Potential Danger Of SOPA And PIPA


The SOPA bill by the U.S. House of Representatives, and the PIPA draft of the U.S. Senate, both targeting foreign sites that violate copyrights. The bill is generally associated with media piracy, but also can be applied to the medicine and consumer goods.

Initially, the law draft provides two methods to fight copyright infringement on foreign sites. In one method, the U.S. Justice Department may file a court order to make internet service providers to block sites that violate. For example, Comcast can prevent customers to access the infringing site, although essentially an IP address can still be achieved. Terms of ISPs blocking is a major concern of internet security experts. read more

Megaupload Shut Down While SOPA and PIPA Sponsors Decreasing


One of the biggest online file sharing also known online-locker Megaupload was shut down today. The Hong Kong web based company accused for piracy and responsible for the loss of US $500 million in the revenue to copyright holders. The Justice Department and the FBI freeze the megaupload website and arrested the people behind Megaupload organization.  The government said that this company is run based on internet piracy.

Megaupload operated in Hong Kong but unfortunately they also operating leased server and place some of their files in US database center somewhere in Virginia state and gave the “Justice Department Charges Leaders of Megaupload with Widespread Online Copyright Infringement”, as cited from DoJ press release. read more