In Poland Corpse Asking For Clothes Because He’s Freezing


This is real story, where the body asking for clothes because of he’s freezing cold in the morgue. This story happened in Kamienna Gora, a city in southwestern Poland.

The corpse was a man named Kamil Vladimirovich (25). He was declared dead due to drinking too much liquor.

It started when Kamil suddenly fell unconscious in the club on a party with his friends and then taken to a nearby hospital.

At the hospital the doctor declared Kamil died of a heart attack. Kamil’s body was immediately cleaned and stored in the morgue while awaiting his family to took his body. read more

This Billionaire Announced His Broke Up In A Full Page Newspaper Ads


Joseph Lau, Hong Kong’s richest man who caused a stir recently. He announced about breaking his relationship with a former girlfriend, Yvonne Lui in a full page newspaper ads.

Earlier, Lau and Lui was already in a relationship quite a long. The 65-year-old billionaire this year met first time with Lui in 2001 at the Louis Vuitton store in London.

At that time, Lui, a former beauty contestant is studying for a PhD in chemical engineering at King’s College.

Unexpectedly, the meeting was apparently the beginning of their relationship. Both are in love and decided to dating. But unfortunately, the relationship had run aground in the middle of the road. Lui and Lau broke up in 2014. read more