Cheapest Winegard GM-MP1 Carryout Black MP1 Manual Portable Satellite TV Antenna Discount


Extremely compact and super affordable, take this antenna anywhere you go. Perfect for races, tailgating, camping, traveling and other outdoor activities. Manual antenna stores in compact, durable case that doubles as the antenna base when in use. Case features easy grip handle for carrying or locking down. Bubble level, compass and elevation markings molded in base make set up quick and easy. Includes 25 foot coax cable to allow for optimal antenna placement. Case with antenna measures 16 inch width by 18.5 inch height by 10 inch diameter, weighs 9 pounds. Features 2 coax inputs. Receives standard DIRECTV programming and all standard and HD programming for DISH and Bell TV. Made in the USA.



To say this works well, is an understatement – it is incredibly easy to setup and align, decent fade margin under most conditions, and never gives us the slightest trouble – then, it is incredibly small and the package is perfectly designed for storage (everything, including cables, (even 50′ extra) sat alignment meters, sighting compass, (yes I know it comes with one, but I prefer my Suunto sighting compass) and some assorted connectors)

When the automatic dish on our RV is blocked, this is a perfect work around (or it could be your ONLY dish for that matter)

There really are no negatives for this small manual dish – If I have to come up with one, it can be a bit “twitchy” for the first time user to set the elevation, but that’s a “reach” to find something – azimuth is simply not an issue especially if you use the supplied base (but we seldom use the base) – no skew adjustment to deal with – we also don’t use the water “weight” container, haven’t needed it – If you do use the “weight down” container, maybe use “VERY DRY” sand in the winter

Price is VERY good in my opinion and the product simply works!

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