In Poland Corpse Asking For Clothes Because He’s Freezing


This is real story, where the body asking for clothes because of he’s freezing cold in the morgue. This story happened in Kamienna Gora, a city in southwestern Poland.

The corpse was a man named Kamil Vladimirovich (25). He was declared dead due to drinking too much liquor.

It started when Kamil suddenly fell unconscious in the club on a party with his friends and then taken to a nearby hospital.

At the hospital the doctor declared Kamil died of a heart attack. Kamil’s body was immediately cleaned and stored in the morgue while awaiting his family to took his body.

What happens next? Suddenly the morgue guard was startled by a knock-knock from the morgue.

Initially the guard thought that if there are thieves in the morgue. Because previously there are case like that.

He was immediately examined the place but did not find anything. The voice continued to be heard and the source came from the morgue of Kamil.

When opened, the guard was surprised to see Kamil’s corpse asking for clothes because he was cold. The guard immediately call a doctor to come to the morgue.

When the doctor examined him, Kamil turns back to life, given the clothes and then allowed to go home.

Kamil is said going back to the club and celebrate his resurrection.

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