Ricky Gervais Will Host Next Year Golden Globe Awards?

Ricky_Gervais_69The main event of the 69th Golden Globe Awards 2012 edition on the evening was the bestowal of human films and television. But, it can’t be denied that Ricky Gervais became one of the main magnet in the an annual event. Recognized or not, the British actor and comedian controversial babbles was always anticipated.

The Golden Globe this year was the third or two years in a row for Gervais. Last year the jokes character of Dr. McPhee in Night at the Museum are inviting controversy by attacking some of the actors and actresses who attended the Golden Globe 68th.

When opening the event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Gervais said he had received instructions from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), organizer of the annual event that if he insult anyone there’s possibility that he will host the Golden Globe Awards again next year.

Previously Ricky Gervais claimed that he is ready to upset the Hollywood celebrities after he was re-elected to host the Golden Globes awards ceremony. Gervais, as he jokingly said he received a Golden Globe bid for re-appear at the awards night to upset those who said that he will never host the award ceremony.
Gervais, later confessed that he had never intended to hurt anyone but he still didn’t care about other people’s opinions.

The 69th Golden Globe award-winning filmmakers was still interesting. From the results of Nielsen’s research institute, the event is apparently still a magnet for approximately 17 million of viewers. This amount has beat the other programs in the same time. However, the figure is much lower than last year.

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