SOPA and PIPA Facing Many Protests And Black Out


Support from various areas of the globe continue to flow into the Wikipedia. Some Wikipedians voted to reject Stop Piracy Online Anti-piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect the Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) bills.

As the site that manages information openly, the existence of the two BILLS are considered very harmful and threatening the continuation of the live Wikipedia. The founders, Jimmy Wales claimed, the BILL could hit internet businesses in the future.

During the last 72 hours, the support of the Wikipedians (Wikipedia users) keep flowing and stated will discuss piracy BILL seriously. Today, English Wikipedia was closed for 24 hours. This action is a form of protest against the American Congress who coined it. A few giant corporations that one vote with Wikipedia are Google, Yahoo, Twitter, eBay and Amazon.

These Bills (SOPA and PIPA) was controversial from different walks of life. In fact, U.S. President Barack Obama declared in the same line with the party that refused to rule it. Obama against SOPA and PIPA.

Actually, why this Bill is controversial? Initially, the U.S. Senate claiming SOPA along with PIPA designed to stop the flow of funds to some "rogue website".

The US Government reaffirms the prohibition the sale of piracy from a variety of products such as movies, music and more. Here, a number of internet companies forced to close down access to the site that are considered unlawful.

Network advertising will also be forced to discontinue the service online. Not only that, the search engine will be set up so it does not have a link to a site that is considered distributing the results of piracy. Proponents of the rule assumes that this regulation will not have a major impact on a number of us-based site.

Officials at the White House has proposed some elements about SOPA and yet until now there has been no clear decision.

SOPA and PIPA supporters

On the other side Senator Lamar Smith the SOPA author has himself been found guilty of violating copyright.  The world’s giant media Tycoon i.e. Rupert Murdoch also one of the biggest supporter of SOPA and PIPA. The CEO of News Corp. ‘s loud-voiced through his Twitter account and said that, Obama opted in favor of Sillicon Valley which could threaten all software creator with piracy.

Doesn’t stop there, Murdoch is precisely point out Google the search engine giant as mast piracy as it gives access to streaming movies for free. Here’s the list of SOPA and PIPA supporters.

While GoDaddy one of largest domain registrar face Boycott from its customers after clearly stating that they’re supporting SOPA and PIPA although they reverse the stand later

Small Victory

Senator Leahy officially committed to an amendment that would investigate the effects of his bill before it’s instituted:

“Through this process, [I] have continued to hear concerns about the Domain Name provision from engineers, human rights groups, and others. I remain confident that the ISPs — including the cable industry, which is the largest association of ISPs — would not support the legislation if its enactment created the problems that opponents of this provision suggest. Nonetheless, this is in fact a highly technical issue, and I am prepared to recommend we give it more study before implementing it.”

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