The Cause Of Chapecoense Plane Crash Finally Revealed


Plane crash that befell Brazilian club, Chapecoense, until today still leaves a deep wound for the supporters and the victim’s family.

Lamia Airlines Flight 2933 plane that brought the entire Chapecoense players, said fell and nearly killing all the players.

The tragedy of death is said to be due to the technical fault of the aircraft. The cause is successfully revealed after a few days of the incident.

It is know if the crash that killed 76 people was due to run out of fuel.

Lamia Airlines Flight 2933 plane had experienced schedule delays. Previously reported that the aircraft will transit from Sao Paulo to Cobija, Bolivia.

However, the plan was canceled because the airport does not operate at night. Finally, the pilot must be able to fly without refueling.

Before the pilot was informed that if he asked for permission to land because of their fuel problems.

The players also had to be made to wait for seven minutes due to the transfer to another plane. However, four minutes went by plane was immediately lost control and ended up falling.

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