#TheWalkingDead Hit The Lowest Rating?


Is it true the walking dead hit the lowest rating since 2012?

Scott M. Gimple decision to shut down the two main characters in the seventh season of The Walking Dead seems quite affect the interest of the public to watch.

Bgr.com report, having earned the highest rating in the opening of the season, which is 17 million viewers, the episodes later reportedly experienced a significant decline in ratings.

The fifth episode titled Go Getters are only watched by 11 million viewers, which is the lowest figure since the third season in 2012.

Some critics said that this decline was caused by the death of Glenn character (Steve Yeun) which is known to have quite a lot of fans.

In addition, the intensity of the story is decreasing in the last four episodes was called giving their own impact on the interest of the audience who had already made ‘hot’ by two deaths in its premiere episode.

Beyond that, The Walking Dead is currently preparing for the final mid-season. Emphasized by the creator, Robert Kirkman, this seventh season will provide many surprises for the fans.

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