This Is The Woman Behind The Siri Voice


For those of you iPhone users may already be familiar with the personal assistant, Siri. Siri was introduced as an iOS application in the year of 2010. When Apple launched the iPhone 4S, Siri is integrated automatically on the device.

Siri itself is a personal assistant in the form of software known as artificial intelligence. Siri can help iPhone users to check the weather, set up meetings, make phone calls or send sms with voice commands. In contrast to conventional voice recognition software, Siri can recognize natural sound of the device users.

But did you know who is the woman behind the voice of Siri? The 76-year-old woman named Susan Bennett is the voice for Siri application. Not only that, she also became the voice of the world’s first ATM machine.

Since becoming the voice of the first ATM machine, Susan Bennett provided the voice for various public purposes. Susan also fill the voice of the public addressing systems at airports, being the voice of e-learning software, telephone systems, and even GPS. The voice of this woman is also often played on an ad-known products such as McDonald, Coca Cola, Ford, VISA, and Cartoon Network.

Susan Bennett claims began recording her voice for Siri in 2005 and never knew that her voice will filled in the most used personal assistant worldwide. At the time Bennett was only cast for secondary voice while the main voice actor was not present in the recording process.

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